Journal from the Radical Reformation

The JRAD (Journal from the Radical Reformation) is the scholarly journal representing the ‘alternative’ theology and biblical understandings of people associated with the Radical Reformation since the 1500’s. These views have been held by many since and by whole denominations such as the Church of God (Abrahamic Faith) since the 1850’s. Dr. George Williams called the third ‘wing’ of the Reformation the Radical Reformation, since its adherents rejected major tenets of both Roman Catholics and mainstream Protestants.

Here are past issues of the JRAD for your use. Please download or print any materials that will be helpful to you in your own spiritual journey or as you lead others toward a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father, the One True & Living God.

2012: 02 Summer/Fall

2012 : 01 Winter/Spring
*regarding the article beginning on p. 7 by Dustin Smith: The conclusions of the author are his, and not necessarily those of the Editor.


Volume 4, Issues 1-4 (1994-1995)

Volume 3, Issues 1-4 (1993-1994)

Volume 2, Issues 1-4 (1992-1993)

Volume 1, Issues 1-4 (1991-1992)


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